Jaresko`s deputy resigns

Deputy Finance Minister Olena Makeyeva wrote a letter of resignation, wishing ”success” to the newly appointed Minister of Finance, according to her Facebook posting April 28.
”I wrote a letter of resignation from the post of Deputy Finance Minister. For over a year, I had the privilege of working in a team of a high quality manager and a true professional in her field, Natalie Jaresko. `We will win as a team and lose as individuals`(C). This phrase has been my one of my favorites for several years, because I am sure that the success of any project depends on the team, which works as one to achieve its goal. This team for me became Oksana Markarova, Artem Shevalev, Roman Kachur. Together with them, we were able to implement a large number of initiatives that have helped stabilize the economic situation and to lay a solid foundation for further economic reforms,” wrote Makeyeva.
She noted that she appreciates and respects her colleagues from the Ministry for their hard work, dedication, and professionalism, who sometimes managed to do impossible things. She also thanked for fruitful cooperation the non-governmental organizations, international experts, representatives of businesses and government officials.
Makeyeva wished ”real success to the new Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oleksandr Danyluk and his team in the implementation of reforms already initiated by the Ministry and in reaching their team goals.”

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