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Jaresko: Investors overestimate risks in Ukraine

Markets and investors overestimate the risks that exist in Ukraine.
This view has been expressed by Ukraine’s finance minister Natalie Jaresko during the debate of the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“Ukraine has been often an object of overestimation of risk. In my view, the economic situation has been systematically overestimated since the crisis of 2008,” Jaresko says.
She notes that in 2008 Ukraine was also seen on the verge of default, which did not happen. “Ukraine has continued to pay the bills and be a responsible borrower,” the minister says.
According to her, the reason for overestimation of risk is underestimation of stability and strength of the Ukrainian people and its readiness and willingness to pay a price for change in the country.
Ukraine’s finance minister adds that the markets also cannot adequately assess all the changes and reforms taking place in Ukraine.

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