Japan will provide Ukraine with reconnaissance drones and several vans

Japan said on August 4 that it would provide Ukraine with about a dozen drones with surveillance cameras, as well as, several vans for the transportation of personnel and food.

Source: Japan’s Ministry of Defense

“Japan will provide Ukraine with additional dozen or so camera-equipped surveillance drones to aid the country suffering aggression by Russia. Japan will also supply the war-hit country with several vans to be used for transporting personnel and food.”

The aid, which comes at the request of Ukraine, will be shipped as early as mid-August. In June, Japan shipped around 30 surveillance drones, which officials say are not considered defense equipment because they are for commercial use.

With the beginning of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, Japan began to transfer defense equipment in March, including body armor, as well as protective masks and clothing against chemical weapons.

In March, the government revised the rules for the transfer of defense equipment to make such deliveries possible.

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