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Hrabovskiy promises his captors to no longer defend Russian GRU officer Aleksandrov

Chief Military Prosecutor in Ukraine Anatoliy Matios on Tuesday presented a footage where Yuriy Hrabovskiy, the lawyer of the Russian GRU officer Aleksandr Aleksandrov, showing him vow to his captors to no longer defend Aleksandrov in court, according to an UaPosition correspondent.
In the video, the unidentified person is heard asking Hrabovskiy whether he would continue to defend Aleksandrov in court. In response, Hrabovskiy refused to defend Aleksandrov: ”I am a lawyer, Yuriy Hrabovskiy, I promise and agree to stop providing legal assistance to the accused Aleksandrov in criminal proceedings, which take place in Kyiv`s Holosiivskiy District Court.”
Answering the question ”Why?” Hrabovskiy said: ”Because I do not think it is possible to protect him further in this case.”
A voice is heard asking him again: ”Do you understand your mistake?” ”Yes, I have realized my mistake,” Hrabovskiy said.
On footage, Hrabovskiy looked unusually tired.
Matios also emphasized that there are other videos filmed by Hrabovskiy`s killer which can`t be aired at the moment in order not to disclose details of investigation. However, considering that the videos were found stored using cloud technology, Matios says the investigators  admit there is a possibility of  access to this material by third persons, so unauthorized publishing of other case-related videos cannot be ruled out.
The official excused himself from answering any questions on the matter citing secrecy of investigation, asking the reporters to closely analyze the videos and try to ”look into the roots” of who could set up and profit from such an audacious crime. 
As UaPosition reported earlier, police in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa launched an investigation into the disappearance of the lawyer of a Russian citizen who is on trial for allegedly fighting alongside pro-Russian militants in Ukraine`s east.
Yuriy Hrabovskiy, who stayed in a local hotel, went missing on March 5.
On March 20, Chief Military Prosecutor in Ukraine Anatoliy Matios said that one of the suspects had been detained at Odesa airport. The suspect is a Ukrainian citizen, who claims that Russian`s special services are involved in the kidnapping of Hrabovskiy and they have channeled ”dozens of thousands of dollars” into the special operation, the prosecutor said.
On March 25, the Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA) said that Yuriy Hrabovskiy had been found dead. 
A clip (in Russian) starts at 01:25


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