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Head of National Bank of Ukraine Gontareva declares US$2.11 mln in assets in 2016

The total amount of Ukraine`s chief banker Valeria Gontareva`s income in 2016 was estimated at UAH 57 million, or US$2.11 million, according to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Gontareva`s salary was UAH 1.9 million, or $70,370 in 2016, before taxation and payment of war tax, according to an announcement on the NBU`s website, which reported that the NBU governor submitted her electronic declaration for the previous year.

She paid UAH 359,610 in income tax and UAH 29,864 in war tax, the report said.

Last year, Gontareva also obtained a third tranche worth UAH 52.572 million, or $1.95 million, from the sale of her shares in ICU Holdings Limited.

Gontareva`s deposit in state-run Ukreximbank at the end of 2016 was estimated at US$2.655 million.

In 2016, her family members obtained a land plot of 2,500 square meters, a house with an area of 316 square meters, a 2008 Mercedes-Benz car, and a 68.7-square-meter office in ownership.

As UNIAN reported, Ukraine`s Verkhovna Rada on June 19, 2014, supported President Petro Poroshenko`s proposal to dismiss Stepan Kubiv from the post of the NBU Governor and appoint Valeria Gontareva. Gontareva has 20-year experience in the financial market of Ukraine. Previously, she served as chairperson of the ICU Group Board of Directors, being also its co-owner.

On March 16, Poroshenko enacted the law on amendments to several legislative acts of Ukraine on peculiarities of submission of declarations of assets and income, expenditures and financial obligations in 2016. He signed it during a meeting with representatives of the selection commission to select members of the National Agency on Prevention of Corruption.

The law amends the Code of Administrative Offenses, namely article 1726, according to which the provision of deliberately incorrect information in declarations by a person authorized to perform the functions of a state or local government worker entails of a fine from 1,000 to 2,500 amounts of tax-free minimum income of an individual.



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