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Gunmen’s blast seriously damages strategic bridge near Stanytsia Luhanska village

The bridge over the Siversky Donets river near Stanytsia Luhanska village, 10 kilometers northeast of Luhansk, was significantly damaged by gunmen’s blast on Wednesday.
The news was published on the website of Luhansk Regional State Administration Chairman Gennady Moskal.
“Today (January 21 – Ed.), the bridge was significantly damaged over the Siversky Donets river near Stanytsia Luhanska village in the afternoon. It was the only transport crossing point through which ground traffic crossed both ways from the Ukrainian controlled territory into the city of Luhansk that is occupied by gunmen. The bridge was under the control of gunmen who placed explosives and blew it up. In the middle of the bridge there’s crater and even though the bridge didn’t collapse, buses and trucks cannot pass over the bridge. Pedestrians will be able to cross over the bridge. We investigate if a car can cross over the bridge. The purpose for damaging the bridge is not clear and most likely the gunmen panicked that Ukrainian military would mount a counteroffensive operation against them,” the official said.
As reported earlier, due to the damaged bridge and a significant escalation of violence and to ensure health and safety of citizens, the Luhansk governor Moskal ordered the checkpoint Shyroke – Stanytsia Luhanska to be closed.

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