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Grenade thrown at MP Parasyuk`s car late on Wed

A hand grenade was reportedly thrown at Member of Parliament Volodymyr Parasyuk`s car in Pechersky district in the center of Kyiv on Wednesday evening, according to MP Igor Lutsenko.
”Someone has thrown a grenade at Parasyuk`s car,” Lutsenko wrote on Facebook on Wednesday evening.
He later wrote that the incident looked like ”attempted murder.”
”The grenade was thrown directly at the car, but branches [of a tree] did not let it hit the target. A RGD-type hand grenade was thrown after he had arrived home and parked his car. Fortunately, it missed [and exploded] five meters away. It hit a nearby car,” he wrote.
”This means they had been following him, they knew where and approximately when he was to arrive. This is a serious case,” he added.
No casualties have been reported.
Parasyuk, born in 1987, is a Member of Parliament. He was elected as an independent candidate. In parliament he joined the inter-factional group UKROP.
He participated in Euromaidan protests late in 2013 – early in 2014, where he was a sotnik (commander) of a self-defense group on the Maidan and became famous for his ultimatum speech on February 21, 2014, against the then president Viktor Yanukovych.
He also participated in the Ukrainian-Russian war as a member of the Dnipro-1 volunteer battalion.


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