Germany has already accepted more than 850 thousand Ukrainian refugees

Germany has already accepted more than 850,000 Ukrainian refugees – mostly women and children since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Source: Minister of the Interior of Germany Nancy Feser

Amid criticism that Germany is better at accepting refugees from Europe than those fleeing war in the Middle East, Feser noted that the country has indeed improved the procedure compared to 2015.

“We have done many things much better than during the last major refugee movement in 2015,” she said, adding that “an incredible number of citizens” have joined the government’s efforts to accept Ukrainians.

The minister also called the “quick and non-bureaucratic” ability of all European states to accept refugees from Ukraine a “historic success” and a great achievement.

In addition, Feser emphasized that Germany and Europe are making further efforts to help refugees from other regions within the borders.

In particular, all new arrivals are offered to attend integration courses to spread German values ​​and language, even among those who stay in the country temporarily.

Social assistance for Ukrainians in Germany has increased since June, as well as the procedure for admission to higher education institutions and the possibility of receiving a state scholarship for studies have been simplified. In addition, the government plans to speed up the process of recognizing the professional qualifications of Ukrainians so that they can integrate into the labor market without obstacles.

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