French President offered to concede Ukraine’s sovereignty to save Putin’s face, – President of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is unlikely to save his reputation in the future.

Source: The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

“He [Macron] wanted to find results in mediating between us. He did not find any. And not from our side. He did not find them from the Russian Federation. And to offer me some things related to the concessions on our sovereignty in order to save Putinʼs face. I think this is not correct.”

“I don’t think Putin will be able to save face. And I honestly don’t think about the future of this man. We need to think about what will happen to Russia in the future. And I, as the president of Ukraine, first of all, I think about my country, but Russia is our neighbor”, – said Zelenskyy, adding that the war made the border between Ukraine and Russia not only territorial but also historical.”

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