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Finland reacts to Russia`s deployment of Iskander missiles near Kaliningrad

Finland`s Minster of Defense Jussi Niinisto says he sees no direct threat in the recent deployment of Russian missiles in the Baltics, according to the Associated Press.

The minister noted that similar movements of missile launchers had already happened before with not so much attention drawn, AP reports.

Mr Niinisto also said that a ”negative spiral of actions and counter-actions could cause ”something to happen, even if only accidentally.”

”We naturally support detente. And we practice an active policy of stability,” Niinisto said in an interview with Finnish MTV3 News. ”We`d like to see the military situation calm down in the Baltic Sea, rather than escalate.”

As reported earlier, Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of Russia`s Federation Council Viktor Ozerov said Russia would deploy its S400 air defense systems and Iskander tactical missile launchers in Kaliningrad region.

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