Feygin: Russian side doesn’t have evidence against Savchenko

The Russian side has no evidence against Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, lawyer Mark Feygin told reporters in Kyiv on Thursday.
“For today there is no evidence against Savchenko … Most of the proceedings can’t be implemented. She was caught in Luhansk region. This is the territory of Ukraine, and the proceedings need to be conducted there,” the lawyer said.
He also said that Russia would not be able to obtain evidence legally.
“Russia can’t do all this by its own. Therefore, actually Nadia Savchenko’s guilt cannot be proved. This requires cooperation of law enforcement agencies of the two countries, but in the current situation it is impossible. Therefore we can’t talk about the legal way of collecting evidence by the Russian side” the lawyer explained.

07.08.2014 18:53

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