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Export of Ukrainian goods and services to EU down by 25% in 2015

Export of Ukrainian goods and services to the EU shrank by 25% in 2015, to $15.3 billion, according to a posting published by the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on Twitter.
At this, export of services declined by 28.4%, while export of goods was down by 23.4%.
Export of services accounted for 14.8% of total export volumes to Europe in 2015, while export of goods made up 85.2% of total volumes.
As UaPosition reported earlier, the surplus of Ukraine`s foreign trade in goods in 2015 amounted to $632.5 million as compared to a deficit of UAH 527 million in 2014.
Goods exports from Ukraine in 2015 decreased by 29.3% to $38.135 billion, while goods imports into Ukraine were 31.1% down, to $37.502 billion. The export-import coverage ratio was 1.02 (against 0.99 in 2014). Foreign trade transactions were carried out with trade partners from 217 countries.
Goods exports to the Russian Federation accounted for 12.7% of total export volumes, exports to Turkey stood at 7.3%. Exports of goods to China accounted for 6.3% of total volumes, exports to Egypt – 5.5%, exports to Italy – 5.2%, exports to Poland – 5.2 %, exports to India – 3.8% and exports to Germany – 3.5%.


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