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European Parliament mulling more trade preferences for Ukraine – Foreign ministry

Deputy Foreign Minister for European integration Olena Zerkal says that the European Parliament (EP) is mulling over the possibility of providing more trade preferences to Ukraine, according to Hromadske.TV.

”This is the first year when we in fact used the free trade area from January 1, 2016. This means that the free trade area has been in use for over a year, and we`ve recorded growth and seen the European Union become our major trade partner. This in fact makes us happy as all the forecasts given by Russian experts, politicians have not come true. In fact, we`re on the rise,” she said.

In her words, the businesses that were Russian-oriented before have entered the European market, and ”seen that it was not that difficult to deal those barriers described by the Russians and their agents of influence in propagandist materials in previous years.”

She said that the trend was very positive, especially if European investment could be engaged along with the development of those sectors the investors see as promising.

”Of course, these are only first steps, and it`s hard to give any forecasts judging by the first year. But the European Union is ready to continue, and a decision on providing Ukraine with additional, autonomous preferences is to be considered by the parliament,” she said.

Though the list is not extensive, the goods on it are important to Ukraine from the viewpoint of their promotion on the European market and attraction of European investment to improve the Ukrainian business environment.

She also elaborated on the application of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement that is based on the provisions of the agreement.

”As for the extension of the effect of this agreement, it is about 85% of the deal itself. I.e. one can speak it is being applied almost in full. Only articles regarding the exclusive competence of the EU member states are not applicable,” she added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the European Commission on September 30 accepted Ukrainian producers` proposals, showing readiness to boost quotas for the export of some types of Ukrainian products to the European market. In particular, these were Ukrainian grain, tomatoes, honey, mineral fertilizers, shoes, electric equipment and metalware.


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