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European Commission suspects Russia in cyber attacks on EU servers

During 2016 there were recorded more than one hundred attempts of cyber attacks on European Commission. Eighty percent of them, didn’t make critical damage to the servers, because the data protection systems worked properly, reports the Financial Times with a reference to its informed source.

“It’s clear that many institutions across Europe and more widely, and that includes the European Commission, are subject to a continuously increasing number of cyber attacks from different sources . These threats are persistent, they are aggressive, and more and more dangerous and potentially destructive” Sir Julian King, EU security commissioner.

“If the attack had been completed and successful, there could have been harm done to the commission, mainly information exfiltration, or also possible damage to IT systems,” Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French defence minister said.

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EU officials stated that the possibility of the Russian Federation interference in Europe’s elections was a credible risk.

“Different attackers share and use the same tools and methods and hide their identities by using anonymous servers,” an official spokeswoman said.

The European Commission will increase cyber security measures, and provide co-operation against “hybrid” threats such as cyber attacks with NATO experts.

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