Europe, U.S. agree on new sanctions against Russia

On Monday, July 28, the presidents of the U.S., France, and heads of governments of Germany, the UK and Italy held phone talks. The leaders of the five countries agreed on the need to impose new sanctions against Russia, the Elysee Palace said in a communique released after the talks
The European Pravda online edition reported.
As is known, until recently the imposition of a new phase of sanctions has been hampered by a lack of consensus of leading political leaders.
“We can state with regret that, despite repeated calls to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia is not trying to influence the separatists to force them to negotiate. Russia also is not making real steps to establish control over the border with Ukraine,” the report reads.
“The five heads of state and government have confirmed that under these conditions they are going to resort to new constraints (sanctions) against Russia,” the press office of the Elysee Palace said.
As is known, a working draft decision on the first phase of sectoral sanctions is due to be approved by July 29. These restrictions will first concern not individuals or companies, but whole branches of the Russian economy.
Sources clarify that the effect of sectoral sanctions may reach 100 billion euros over two years.

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