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Ukraine used as `corruption ATM` for past 23 years, no instant changes expected – Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine

Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hughes Mingarelli says that a difficult initial state of the country should be taken into account in assessing the progress of reforms in Ukraine.

During the presentation of a Foreign Policy Audit study in Kyiv Wednesday, Mingarelli stressed that he considered the current progress of reforms in Ukraine successful, but at the same time he said he was concerned that these changes were unstable, Europeiska Pravda reported.

According to Mingarelli, over the last two years, Ukraine has made more in reforms than for the previous 23 years. However, the official has noted that there are constant attempts to push these reforms back, particularly on the issue of anti-corruption efforts.

Read also”No one postponed anything”: EP source elaborates on date of Ukraine visa lib vote. He said that the resistance to reforms is due to some people willing to ”retain the old order”. Mingarelli also stressed the need to change the mentality of people in Ukraine.

Mingarelli said that some people had grown accustomed to using Ukraine as an ”ATM” multiplying their wealth at people`s expense. People are used to give and take bribes, according to Mingarelli. It`s not possible to change this state of affairs overnight, just by adopting some new legislation. Mentality should be changed, he stressed.


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