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EU three-year anti-corruption program to be launched in Ukraine on February

Foreign Minister of Denmark Anders Samuelsen announces that Denmark will begin implementing the anti-corruption scheme of the European Union (EU) in Ukraine from February 1, 2017.

Denmark as the Europe’s least corrupt country will officially head the EU anti-corruption program in Ukraine.

“As Europe’s least corrupt country, we come to the task with great legitimacy – but with it comes a great responsibility,” said Foreign Minister of Denmark.

The budget for the implementation of the anti-corruption scheme amounts to EUR 16.34 million. The EU contributes EUR 15 million and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark co-finances with EUR 1.34 million.

“With a budget of 120 million Danish krones, we will assist the Ukrainian government in its fight against corruption in the next three years,” said Anders Samuelsen.

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The a comprehensive anti-corruption programme will help the Ukrainian government in its fight against corruption in the next 3 years. These initiatives are for building and developing institutions to fight corruption; strengthening parliamentary oversight; working with local governments; supporting civil society organisations and investigative journalists.

“Together with the European Union we must to do what we can – both politically and economically – to support the reform process in Ukraine and the path to growth and prosperity. We need to support economic development and help create a more effective framework for the private sector in Ukraine,” said Anders Samuelsen.

The EU funds will be sent to enhance the capacities of public authorities responsible for fight against corruption – National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, National Agency on Corruption Prevention, National Agency for Tracing, Recovery and Management of Crime Assets and ensuring the integrity of employees of other institutions of justice.

“Denmark’s contribution obviously can not stand alone. Therefore, I put Ukraine on the agenda of the upcoming EU foreign ministers’ meeting,” said the diplomat.

“We must jointly in the EU do what we can – politically and economically – to support Ukraine’s reform process and the road to growth and prosperity. We need to support economic development and help to create a better framework for Ukraine’s private sector.Denmark has strong interests that there is stability in our neighborhood and that international rules are complied with,” stated Foreign Minister of Denmark.

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  1. It would be interesting to hear specific details on the plan. Perhaps some interviews with managers about what doesnt work as intended and how to fix it. Ineffectiveness of Ukraine’s government is probably one of the big reasons for corruption.

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  2. start with banning all Soros ONG’s /NGO’s, cancel Joe Biden’s son visa, and you will have solved 80% of the problem….

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