EU recognizes scale of crimes committed by terrorists with Russia’s support – Foreign Ministry

The EU decision to impose sanctions covering a number of sectors of the Russian economy has shown the recognition by the European Union of the scale of crimes that are committed by terrorists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine with the assistance and direct participation of Russia, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said in a statement.
“The decision to impose restrictions on trade and investment in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the inclusion in the sanctions list of persons close to the Russian leadership who are providing material or financial support for actions related to the annexation of Crimea or destabilization of the situation in the Donbas are also of great importance,” reads the statement.
Ukraine is grateful to the EU and other states, including the United States, Canada, and Japan, who expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and, by imposing additional sanctions on Russia, contribute to restoring peace and stability in the country and the region.
“We hope that the European Union and our international partners will be ready for further active and coordinated efforts aimed at Russia’s halting exports of aggression, violence and terrorism,” reads the statement.
According to the ministry, Ukraine called on the entire civilized world to join the steps that could stop the bloodshed and encroachment on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which were provoked by the Russia side.
“The decisions to use additional restrictive measures are a clear signal to the Russian Federation. Neglect of the principles of international law, the annexation of the sovereign territory of another state, and export of violence and terrorism will not be left without a proper reaction of the world community,” reads the statement.
The ministry said that continued aggressive policy towards Ukraine and the entire civilized world would lead to a deepening of the international isolation of Russia.
“We expect from the Russian Federation not just empty statements, but responsible steps aimed at supporting a peace plan of the Ukrainian president, Geneva and Berlin agreements on the settlement of the situation in the Donbas,” the ministry said.

31.07.2014 09:55

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