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EU plans to strengthen sanctions on Crimea

The EU will strengthen its sanctions with respect to the tourism industry in Crimea, as well as the exploration of oil and gas on the peninsula, Reuters has reported, citing a draft decision by the EU.
It is planned that the European Union will widen its ban on investment in Crimea to include barring the sale of technology for oil and gas exploration and stopping EU firms running tourist businesses there.
The proposals, being worked on by EU officials, would also ban EU citizens from buying or financing companies in Crimea.
“The sale, supply, transfer and export of goods and technology… shall be prohibited,” reads the draft document, citing transport, telecommunications, energy and oil, gas and mineral exploration and production.
It was not yet clear whether officials would have finished work on the measures in time for them to be adopted by foreign ministers who meet in Brussels on Monday, an EU official said.
As reported, the draft decision of the EU summit to be held on December 18 notes the non-recognition by the EU of the illegal annexation of Crimea.

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