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Organizers of blockade of trade with Russia-occupied Donbas announce ”second phase,” proceed to blocking motorways

The organizers of the blockade of the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas are proceeding to the second phase of their rally, claiming the blockade of motorways is to follow the already-introduced blocking of railways.

”After we`ve blocked almost all railway traffic, we`re proceeding to the second phase – we`re starting to block motorways, which are also used for smuggling,” chief of staff of the economic blockade of the ”LPR”-”DPR” Serhiy Akymovych told Hromadske radio.

As of today, they already set up four mobile block posts close to the demarcation line, according to Akymovych.

Earlier, in late January, a group of Donbas war veterans and several members of Parliament initiated a blockade of rail tracks used to transport anthracite coal from the areas of Donbas beyond government control to Ukraine`s thermal power stations.

The Ukrainian government reported halt of anthracite supplies on February 10, 2017, which the officials say poses a threat to smooth energy supplies to certain industries, including steelmaking, as well as to consumers in at least nine regions in Ukraine, where anthracite is used to generate heat and electricity for households.


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