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Docudays UA film festival postponed in Greece due to ”Donbas friends” radicals

Ukrainian travelling festival ”See Ukraine: Docudays UA on Tour” was planned to start in Greek capital, Athens on May 13. However, shortly before the opening, several radical groups threatened to organize protests against the event, the festival`s PR coordinator Olha Birzul has told Ukraine Today.
”These radicals called themselves anti-fascists and friends of Donbas. But they were basically just repeating lies, told by the Russian media. They accused us of falsifying facts about the conflicts in Donbas and Crimea. But we don`t even have a movie on these topics,” says Olha Birzul in an interview with Ukraine Today.
They rallied outside the Exile Room building, where the film titled ”Euromaidan. Rough cut” was shown. The radicals accused the host building management of supporting ”Ukrainian Nazis.”
Because of that, the organizers of the festival were forced to look for a new location. They asked Ukraine`s Embassy in Greece to temporarily host the event.
Birzul explains, pro-Russian forces want to create a myth that Greek residents are hostile towards Ukraine. ”But it`s not true at all,” Birzul adds.


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