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Corrupt judge delivers decision in Odesa Refinery case in favor of fugitive businessman Kurchenko

The Odesa region Economic Court on Thursday, August 18, approved the registration of the monetary claims of creditors of the PJSC Odesa Refinery, acknowledging the plant`s debt in the amount of UAH 14 billion to companies owned by fugitive Ukrainian businessman Serhiy Kurchenko, who was in charge of the Yanukovych family`s shadow businesses, Yevhen Deidei, Ukrainian MP from the People`s Front faction, wrote on Facebook.

”Odesa Refinery is gradually floating away into the hands of Kurchenko and his Russian accomplices. Ukraine may lose one of its most profitable entities,” he wrote.

The MP said a judge of the Odesa region Economic Court had issued the ruling despite the absence of primary documents confirming that funds had actually been allocated to the refinery`s current account. The judge had also demonstrating disregard for the objective circumstances and the origin of those funds.

”As a result, 800 of the plant`s employees and its contractors have little hope of receiving a settlement of arrears,” the MP said.

The company`s creditors are Russian bank VTB and two companies registered in Cyprus, according to Deidei.

”After recognizing their claims as legitimate, they`ve, in fact, been granted legal and effective control over the enterprise. The crux of the problem is that instead of, let`s say, nationalizing a strategic plant, its assets will again be in the hands of its former owner,” Deidei stated.

He also stressed on the importance of preventing the ”regionals” (Region Party members) from regaining control, through nominees, over the Ukrainian economy and, hence, the country`s policy.


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