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Consumer basket-2016: difference from European minimum

The Ukrainian government is going to approve the consumer basket for 2016, a draft of which has already been published online, according to Ukrainian news service TSN.

The consumer minimum, which the Cabinet considers sufficient for the average Ukrainian, there is no cell phone included, but there still is a radio set. No international travel neither, only suburban.

A total of 30 kilograms of meat is provided per year: 16 kg of beef and 14 kg of poultry. That is, every day, a person can eat a 100 g meat cutlet. Fish is provided in the amount of 9.5 kg, i.e. about 30 grams per day. Milk and kefir — at 60 liters, that is, half a glass per day. 200 eggs make it four per week. For the first time, the consumer basket includes tea, coffee, and spices.

Over the year and a half, a Ukrainian is to use six pairs of pants. Every year – 10 pairs of socks. Winter boots are supposed to be changed every three years, while summer shoes – every two years. The women are offered to wear nine pairs of tights for three years. For the first time, the basket includes women`s pants: one pair for four years. A woman can buy two dresses, but once in seven years.

Rozenko explains that, according to the law, the consumer basket should be changed every five years, but in fact, it has not changed for 15 years. Actually, it is simply a formula that allows for calculating the so-called survival limit. ”This is the minimum value that allows a person to survive. Not to live well, not to live lavishly, but simply to survive physiologically. Anything above that limit, an individual must provide for themselves,” he explains.

By the way, in Germany, for example, there is no such thing as a ”consumer basket”. The government determines assistance needed in each individual case.


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