Concessions to Putin will lead to a catastrophe, – UK Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has warned his partners against any concessions to Russia, claiming that they could lead to disaster.

Source: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“We must not allow anyone to believe that making concessions to (Russian president Vladimir Putin) would lead to anything but disaster, as this could be perceived to be a reward for their unwarranted aggression and would embolden not just Russia but their allies and have an impact on UK security and our economy.”

Boris Johnson promised the UK would be “steadfast” in supporting Ukraine and said any concessions to Moscow would be a “disaster”, as Western officials indicated mass mobilization is imminent in Russia.

The Prime Minister vowed to ensure “fresh political, military and financial support from the international community” to the war-torn country as he warned of “growing fatigue” around the conflict, his official spokesman said on Tuesday. Also, Johnson is concerned that the war in Ukraine may disappear from the center due to other global problems, in particular inflation around the world.

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