Concentration of Russian troops in Crimea destabilizes Black Sea region – Foreign Ministry

The concentration of Russian troops in Crimea and statements by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the deployment of a proper military grouping in the Crimean direction are destabilizing the situation in the whole Black Sea region, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said.
“Having created on a part of Ukraine’s sovereign territory a ‘gray zone,’ which de facto is not covered by current multilateral agreements in the field of arms control, the Russian Federation continues to increase its military presence in Crimea and create there a military grouping with unclear objectives. The reasons for such military preparations declared by the Russian minister – the increased foreign military presence near the Russian border and the worsening situation in Ukraine – are beneath criticism,” reads the statement.
The Foreign Ministry said that Shoigu’s statement on the deployment of “a proper and self-sufficient troop grouping in the Crimean direction” was destabilizing the situation in the whole Black Sea region.
“We urge the Russian Federation to stop provocative actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and peace in the region,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

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