Casualties reported as tripwire mine goes off in Luhansk region

A patrol of the Ukrainian troops in the early hours of Monday, May 9 accidentally set off a tripwire landmine planted by the Russian proxies near the village of Krymske in Luhansk region, the press service of the Luhansk military and civil administration reported.
One Ukrainian soldier was killed in a blast while another two troops were wounded, according to the report.
”Even during the relative calm in this holiday period, we continue to sustain irreparable losses as our guys get killed, but I believe that we will win, and peace and tranquility will return to the Luhansk region,” said Yuriy Harbuz, head of Luhansk region.
The most intense situation in the morning of May 9 is recorded in the suburbs of the militant stronghold of Donetsk, the Ukrainian military officials reported earlier.

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