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Canadian defense minister calls for maintaining pressure on Russia

Canada and its allies are determined to continue their pressure on Russia, first and foremost, through sanctions, in order to make it respect international law and the sovereignty of Ukraine.
Canadian Defense Minister Robert Nicholson said this at a joint press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart Stepan Poltorak in Kyiv on Monday.
“We have to continue to maintain the pressure on Russia to see that they start to comply with international law and that they start to respect the freedom and independence of Ukraine,” Nicholson said, while answering a question from an Ukrinform reporter on how to make Russia fulfill the Minsk agreements and stop its aggression.
He said that by saying pressure he meant sanctions, which, according to him, have a long-term effect.
In this regard, Nicholson noted that Russia had had a terrible record over the last year in this regard.
“They [Russia] should discontinue their actions and make amends to Ukraine. And we are determined along with our other allies to stick by and support Ukraine until that happens,” he said.

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