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Canada has difficult diplomatic relations with Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine – Defence Minister Jason Kenney

Defence Minister of Canada Jason Kenney in his interview to CTV News said that “Canada is committed to fighting a “new Russian aggression” seen around the world”:


“Quite frankly, I think it’s no secret that we have very difficult diplomatic relations with Russia right now because of the aggression of Vladimir Putin, because of the invasion of Ukraine … not to mention, he’s now going to be, I gather, selling missiles to Iran,” said Kenney. “This is a reckless foreign policy and, Canada, we make no apologies for objecting to the way he has created instability in many parts of the world today.”

In addition Defence Minister of Canada states that “the Russians have been ramping up their air presence in the Arctic”:

“The commanders there told me that they have not seen the current level of Russian air force activity over the Arctic for a couple of decades, at least,” said Kenney.

Jason Kenney underlined that it is very important not to show weakness in such situation:

“The only kind of message that someone like Vladimir Putin understands is one of resolve, strength and deterrence, not weakness,” said Kenney. “The best way to deal with that is calmly, but also with resolve and a message of strength.”

Recently Canada joined a training mission and sent troops to Ukraine in “non-combat role” to help Ukraine’s military in the struggle against pro-Russian terrorists in Eastern Ukraine.


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