Canada announced new sanctions on Russia, and additional funding for Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Canada said on August 23, 2022, during the virtual Summit for Heads of State and Government of the International Crimea Platform that his country would allocate CAD $3.85 million ($2.97 million) of funding for Ukraine’s security sector and Canada also intends to sanction 62 Russians with close ties to the state, and a defense sector entity.

Source: The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

To increase pressure on Putin’s regime, the Prime Minister announced that Canada is imposing new measures on 62 close associates of the Russian regime and a defence sector entity that is complicit in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Among the individuals sanctioned are high-ranking Russian government officials, including Russian federal governors and regional heads, their family members, and senior officials of currently sanctioned defence sector entities.

The Prime Minister also announced the allocation of funding for two Ukrainian projects through the Peacekeeping and Stabilization Operations Program (PSOPs) in the total amount of $3.85 million. This funding will provide additional support to Ukraine’s security sector institutions.

“Approximately $2.9 million in additional funding for the Canada-Ukraine Police Development Project, implemented by Alinea International, that is providing targeted support to the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) and Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Emergency Services, including the provision of essential equipment and supplies.

Approximately $950,000 in additional funding for the Promoting Reform Objectives through Technical Expertise and Capacity Transfer project, implemented by Alinea International, focusing on providing technical advice and support to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence. This project is strengthening the capacity of this institution that is critical to Ukraine’s ability to defend itself in the face of Russian aggression.”

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