Canada adds Crimean officials to sanctions list

In order to maintain the necessary pressure on Russia until it fully complies with its international obligations with respect to Ukraine, the Special Economic Measures (Ukraine) Regulations have been amended to list 15 additional separatist individuals, including six members of Russia`s State Duma from Crimea, who are subject to an asset freeze and dealings prohibition, according to the Government of Canada.

”These sanctions are in response to the September 18 election of officials residing in Crimea to Russia`s State Duma. Canada does not support the legitimacy or the outcome of these elections held in the occupied Crimean peninsula, as it has never recognized Russia`s illegal annexation of Ukraine`s Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol,” the Government of Canada said in its news release.

”Adding more sanctions, in coordination with our partners, is the most effective way to underscore the resounding message that together with the United States and the European Union, there is unity in responding to Russia`s actions in Ukraine. Canada`s new measures are also designed to maintain the efficacy of existing sanctions measures, and, crucially, to maintain pressure on Russia to implement its Minsk commitments. Canada reaffirms its commitment to a policy of non-recognition of Russia`s illegal annexation of Crimea.”

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