Britain expanded sanctions against Russia

Britain is stepping up economic pressure on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. London has announced new sanctions against Russia.

Source: The Press Service of the British Government

Britain bans exports to Russia of pounds sterling and banknotes of EU countries, as well as the supply of air-fuel.

Prohibitions on the export, supply and delivery, making available and transfer (as well as related technical assistance, financial services, funds and brokering services) of:

  • internal repression of goods and technology;
  • goods and technology relating to chemical and biological weapons;
  • maritime goods and technology;
  • additional oil refining goods and technology;
  • additional critical industry goods and technology.

Prohibitions on the export to, or for use in Russia of jet fuel and fuel additives, as well as prohibitions on the making available, export, and supply, directly or indirectly, of such products to Russia or for use in Russia (as well as related technical assistance, financial services, funds, and brokering services).

Prohibition on the provision of technical assistance, financial services, funds and brokerage services related to the import of iron and steel.

It is noted that some of the bans apply to Russia and non-government-controlled territories of Ukraine.

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