Boeing 777 flight recorders already in UK

Flight recorders from the downed by terrorists Malaysian passenger jet Boeing-777 on Wednesday morning were delivered to Great Britain.
The state commission responsible for the investigation of the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 reported, Ukraine’s Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Utility Services said in a statement on Wednesday.
“On July 23 at about 07.45 the flight recorders of the Boeing-777 plane arrived in the UK under the supervision of the ICAO,” the report reads.
The state commission also said that a common understanding was reached on Tuesday concerning the procedure for transferring the flight recorders, which is confirmed by a technical protocol, signed by the Netherlands, Malaysia, Ukraine and ICAO representatives.
“The protocol stipulates that the objects, which are called flight recorders, were handed over to the Ukrainian side, but the Ukrainian side did not touch them, and these items were not under the control of the Ukrainian side at all,” the commission said.
After signing the protocol the flight recorders were sent to Kyiv, then to the UK under the supervision of the ICAO.

23.07.2014 12:14

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