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Billionaire George Soros states that if Western countries help private investment in Ukraine he will invest $1 billion in Ukrainian projects

Last week founder and head of the Open Society Foundations, billionaire financier George Soros gave exclusive interviews in which he talked about a cease-fire holding in Ukraine, the reaction of EU to Putin’s aggression and possible scenarios of war in Eastern Ukraine.

On Monday, March 30, 2015, in Austrian newspaper Der Standard was published an interview with George Soros in which is stated that he is ready to invest $1 billion to projects in Ukraine.

Actually George Soros underlined that the West has to help Ukraine, outlining steps towards a $50 billion financing package that he said should be viewed as “a bulwark against an increasingly aggressive Russia”:

“The West can help Ukraine by increasing attractiveness for investors. A political risk insurance is necessary. This could take the form of mezzanine financing at EU interest rates — very close to zero,” he said.

“I stand ready. There are concrete investment ideas, for example in agriculture and infrastructure projects. I would put in $1 billion. This must generate a profit. My foundation would benefit from this… Private engagement needs strong political leadership.”


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