Baby food will be unnecessary if children die. What we need is weapons, – Ukraine’s First Lady

The First Lady of Ukraine called on the allies not to stop and accelerate the pace of providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with heavy weapons.

Source: The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska

She thanked our partners for their humanitarian aid and for sheltering the millions of Ukrainian refugees who had fled Russia’s full-scale invasion.

“We are grateful for the humanitarian aid, for sheltering our people. Very grateful. We are especially grateful for the decisive position of the British government on this issue. From Boris Johnson, we get an absolute understanding not only in words but also in such urgent assistance with weapons. However, it should be understood that baby food will be unnecessary if children die. Diapers – it would be good if mums could change them not in basements. What we need is weapons. Yes, mothers, children, and the elderly in Ukraine need weapons – which will be taken by their defenders who will drive the enemy away from the borders of Europe.”

Ukraine needs weapons so that Ukrainian refugees can return home and rebuild the economy.

“Therefore, we ask you not to stop, to accelerate the pace of heavy weapons provision.”

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