Azov says about liberation of Novy Svit near Donetsk

The Azov battalion with support of the Ukrainian military took under its control the town of Novy Svit near Donetsk.
Press Secretary of the battalion Ihor Mosiychuk wrote on his Facebook page.
“This night and in the morning positional battles were waged between the Azov battalion, the 39th battalion of territorial defense and a group of terrorists, located in the town of Novy Svit… As a result of the battle, as of the moment, the town of Novy Svit is under full control of the battalion Azov and Ukrainian military. A column of terrorists left the town and it maneuvers in the suburbs,” Mosiychuk said.
He noted that terrorists used rocket launchers Grad and mortars against the Azov battalion.
Mosiychuk reminded that the Starobeshivska thermal power station is located in the town of Novy Svit, which is now controlled by Ukrainian enforcers.
“There are no casualties among Ukrainian military, soldiers of the battalion Azov,” he said, and added that there are no losses among local residents, and the lack of communication with them he explained by damage of the communication tower.
29.07.2014 15:53

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