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Average wages in Ukraine grow by 5.1% in Feb

Ukraine`s State Statistics Service has reported that the average wages paid to full-time employees in Ukraine in February 2016 grew by 5.1%, or UAH 223, from January 2016, to UAH 4,585, or about $173.5, per person.
This indicator is 3.3 times higher than the minimum wages in Ukraine, which is set at UAH 1,378, or about $52.
The average wage in February 2016 was 26.2% higher as compared to February 2015.
The real wage index in February 2016 was 105.3% against January 2016 and 91.7% against February 2015.
The highest average wages in February were recorded in air transport (UAH 20,800, or $787), financial and insurance (UAH 9,900, or $374.5), and the telecommunications sector (UAH 9,800, or $371).
The lowest average wages in February were paid for postal and courier services (UAH 2,400, or $91), health care (UAH 2,900, or $110), and farming (UAH 3,000, or $114).
According to the State Statistics Service, the largest increase in the average wage of full-time workers compared to January was recorded in the telecommunications sector (19.8%), R&D (11.5%), and construction (11.1%).
A reduction in the average wages compared to the previous month was seen only in the sport sector, which saw a 1.6% decline.
The State Statistics Service says that the data does not include reports from the temporarily occupied areas of Crimea and Donbas.
The official forex rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine as of March 30 is UAH 26.439172 per U.S. dollar.


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