Avakov proposes to confiscate money, property from sponsors of terrorism

The Interior Ministry proposes to impose sanctions against terrorism and separatism in Ukraine.
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook.
“The Interior Ministry proposes to expand a range of the issues, which will be tackled by the governmental Committee for the use of sanctions against persons, supporting and funding terrorism, sanctions against persons, who sponsored not only terrorism, but separatism in Ukraine. In other words, against those, who made everything for violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine – annexed Crimea and who tried to split the south-east regions from Ukraine,” Avakov wrote.
According to him, it is proposed to introduce the arrest and confiscation of property and monetary funds of natural and legal persons – sponsors of terrorism within the frames of criminal proceedings upon Articles 109, 110, 258 and 260 of the Criminal Code. The Interior Ministry has already prepared the draft law on relevant amendments to those articles.
30.07.2014 17:29

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