At least 60% of Ukrainians need psychological support because of the war, – First Lady of Ukraine

The First Lady states that, according to the Ministry of Health, at least 60% of Ukrainians need psychological support due to Russian aggression.

Source: The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska

According to her, 40,000 cases of death or injury of Ukrainian citizens are known. 3 million people are in the temporarily occupied territories. More than 8 million people became internally displaced and 6 million Ukrainians were forced to go abroad due to the Russian war against Ukraine.

The First Lady stressed that 44% of Ukrainians were separated from their families, and 50% of Ukrainians assess their psychological state as very stressful.

“All these are direct indications for psychological help. According to the Ministry of Health, at least 60% of Ukrainians need it now,” Zelenska said.

“Psychologists say that this war, even after it ends with our victory, will “play out” on the psyche for at least the next seven to ten years. If we shorten this period or alleviate the consequences, this will be another big victory that we must receive – for the sake of our people, who have survived so much.”

According to the President’s wife, in recent weeks, her initiative on the National Program for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support has gone from negotiations with the first ladies of different countries and WHO (partners will provide specialists and share best practices) to a specific action plan at the state level.

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