At least 5 million people in Ukraine have lost their jobs due to war, – Ministry of Economy

The Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine Tetyana Berezhna noted on November 20, 2022, that at least five million Ukrainians lost their jobs because of the war waged by Russia.

Source: The Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine Tetyana Berezhna

“The war is destroying Ukraine’s labor market. Fighting continues where 10 million workers were employed. At least 5 million people have lost their jobs. Hundreds of workers have died in the fighting. About 7 million people have already left the country because of the hostilities. The unemployment rate has increased significantly in Ukraine,” Tetyana Berezhna noted.

Currently, one of the key priorities of the government’s work is the stabilization and recovery of the economy, the development of the labor market, and the return of Ukrainian citizens to their homes.

“We understand that there are great challenges and tasks ahead of us on the way to the restoration of Ukraine and the return of our people. And we hope that international partners will support us in this, in particular, our good friend Poland, in which almost 1.5 million Ukrainians are currently under the temporary protection program. We strive to return home all  Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave because of the war,” emphasized the Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine.

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