Armed attack on Odesa journos: all details of accident (photos, video)

Police are carrying out an Interception plan trying to locate and arrest perpetrators who attacked the journalists from the local TV Channel 7, with shots fired at the crew after an altercation and a short brawl.
A journalist sustained gun wounds to the head and the back. Two operators suffered fractures, according to a TSN report.
All victims of an audacious attack are now in the hospital. Their lives are not in danger, but the injuries are quite serious. CCTV cameras recorded the attack unfolding in broad daylight just outside the office of the TV Channel 7.
Three strangers arrived in a Honda sedan to the office of the TV channel, called out one of the employees and after a brief skirmish started to beat him. Two of his colleagues joined the fight to help him out, but the third attacker emerged with a shotgun and started shooting at a point blank range. The journalists recorded the license plates of the perpetrator`s which they also used to flee the scene.
The media outlet refrains from comments whether the attack is linked directly to the victims` professional activity.
”The reason it is not important. It is an attack on the people, it`s shooting in broad daylight and the attack on journalists,” TV Channel 7 CEO Viktor Malyshev said.
However, the police said that the dispute was due to a video shot by the journalists earlier.
”At the scene, it was discovered that the crew of a TV Channel  7 was making a video report about the parking spots. It is yet unclear, what the reason was of the conflict. When these people are detained, we will say for sure. As you can see, there are shotgun shells, the vehicle has fled the scene,” said deputy chief of the press service of the local police department, Viktor Vdovin.
While all three TV channel`s employees remain at the hospital, preliminary information on their condition is as follows: ”Serhiy Bandur – two bullet wounds: one in the back, another one – in the ear… Oleksiy Sorokin – most likely a fractured jaw, severe eye injury, a concussion; Dmytro Bondarenko – most likely a fracture of the nasal septum,” said the TV channel CEO.
Police have already established the owner of the vehicle involved. The search is underway.

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