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Anti-graft agency assures e-declaration will come online Aug 15

Head of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) Natalia Korchak has assured the public that an electronic income declaration system will begin operating on August 15, as was originally planned.

”Technical staff of the State Special Connection Service will continue working today, but we [NACP] have not yet decided when to hold our meeting. In fact, we are getting ready to make a statement, but the e-declaration system will be launched in any case because, in accordance with law, the transitional provisions state that the point at issue is provision and disclosure of a declarant,” she told TV Channel 112 Ukraine.

After the launch, the system will be fine-tuned to assure it is working properly, she added.

”The electronic declaration will work in any case, I can guarantee 100%, because we haven`t revoked the decision to enact the provision and disclosure system, and it will not be revoked. Whether in a test mode or not, the provision and disclosure system will work. We want to improve the system – we will work on it,” she said, noting that there are no political concerns regarding the challenges related to the launch of the system. Rather, she added, they are technical.


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