Almost 16 million Ukrainians need humanitarian aid, – UN humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine

Almost 16 million Ukrainians currently need various types of humanitarian aid – from water to shelter.

Source: UN humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine Osnat Lubrani

“Almost 16 million Ukrainians need humanitarian aid today – water, food, health care or a roof over their heads. These are conservative numbers that the UN is currently reviewing with our humanitarian partners,” Lubrani said.

She also informed that more than 6 million people currently remain internally displaced, and approximately 5 million people have returned home, but many of them realize that they may have to leave again. More than 5.3 million Ukrainians became refugees in other countries.

According to the humanitarian coordinator of the UN, she cannot name the exact number of destroyed hospitals, schools and homes, “but it is thousands.”

Lubrani reminded that since February 24, the UN together with humanitarian partners provided assistance to more than 9 million people in every region of Ukraine, and almost 2 million received monetary aid.

According to her, approximately 300 organizations provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, of which almost 200 are Ukrainian public organizations. She also noted the work of thousands of Ukrainian volunteers who help residents of various regions.

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