Akhmetov’s humanitarian convoy without examination moves to Donetsk

Akhmetov’s humanitarian convoy of 10 trucks moves from Dnipropetrovsk in the direction of the border with Donetsk region via the settlement of Pokrovske. Dnipro 1 soldiers are not going to let the convoy pass.
Hromadske tv informs.
“The contents of trucks were not shown to the press representatives, referring to the fact that there are many trucks and they are sealed,” a statement reads.
According to representatives of Rinat Akhmetov’s foundation, there is food inside of trucks, which is delivered to the Donbass Arena, where it will be distributed by volunteers. There is no international control, there are no traffic police cars, which usually accompany such cargoes.
The foundation volunteer Maksym Rovinsky, who accompanies the convoy, said that the foundation representatives did not contact with Dnipro 1 soldiers.

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