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Security Service of Ukraine reveals Kremlin`s plans to influence Ukrainian regions in November-December using decentralization

In November and December, Russia will try to influence the situation in the regions as part of a plan to destabilize Ukraine, head of the SBU`s national statehood protection department Anatoliy Dublik told a Kyiv briefing Friday, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

The SBU official said that in the second half of November and in early December, several sessions of regional councils will be held, where under the slogans of decentralization the deputies will require the introduction of ”the practice of contractual relations between the Cabinet of Ministers and local councils.”

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”As you know, a number of regional councils have previously taken such decisions. The SBU Security Service of Ukraine reacted to such violations in accordance with applicable law, resulting in criminal proceedings having been initiated,” Dublik said, noting that the investigation was still ongoing.

In addition, the community meetings and forums followed by the final All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Councils is planned to be held across the regions.

”Direct demands of federalization are not expected – a strategy of ”creeping erosion” of the central government has been chosen instead,” Dublik said.

He noted that in this way, Russia`s main goal is ”to create conditions in order to paralyze the central authorities, being aware that the adopting amendments to the Constitution requires time…”

Decentralization is included as a requirement from Ukraine set in the Minsk agreement signed by Ukraine and Russian militants from Donbas in February 2015.

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