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Prosecutor General: Yanukovych may face accountability for involvement in Crimea, Donbas events

Ukrainian Deputy Prosecutor General Eugene Enin says that former President Viktor Yanukovych could be brought to account on a number of counts that reveal his direct involvement in events in occupied Crimea and Donbas, according to Espreso.TV.

Maidan events can be seen as the prologue to further crimes that led to disastrous developments in the Crimea and Donbas, he said.

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”Yanukovych`s team tried to do their best to stay in power. At first, these efforts were made by the Yanukovych-controlled law enforcement agencies. After that we saw his attempts to split the country into several parts when organizing that notorious congress in Kharkiv. Later, Yanukovych voiced an appeal for brining foreign troops, including Russian ones, into Ukrainian territory,” Enin said.

These are the facts Yanukovych and certain representatives from Russia could be brought to account for.

”A verdict by the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be evidence of Ukraine`s readiness to ensure a fair trial. It will help in the recognition of the case against Yanukovych by the international community. Precisely this is the goal of a claim to be lodged with the ICC,” he said

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