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E-declaration in Ukraine: Head of State Tax Service declared $1,16M & EUR 450,000 in cash, Finance Minister – $155,000 in cash

Ukraine`s Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk has filled the e-declaration of assets, which is now available on the website of the Unified State Registry of e-declarations.

According to the document filled, Danyliuk owns a land plot of 984 square meters and a 290 square meter house in the village of Vyshenky near Kyiv. However, the property is jointly owned by the official and his wife. His wife owns BMWH5 (2008).

As for the financial dividends, Danyliuk declared more than UAH 177,000 in salary and more than UAH 374,000 in dividends at CEE Investment and Advisory LLP.

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In addition, Danyliuk has accounts in the British National Westminster Bank Plc, where he holds GBP 15,660 and another $1,243 in Ukrainian Ukrsotsbank and UAH 3,226. In the account in Privatbank, the family has UAH 1,067.

Danyliuk also declared $155,000 and GBP 21,000 in cash, while $53,000 was lent to third parties.

On the expenditure side, the Minister recorded the cost of education in Ukraine in the amount of UAH 262,880, and UAH 198,374 in the UK.

In addition, the finance minister has declared antiques. At the same time, the minister`s son owns an icon of St. Nicholas from Athon.

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Chairman of Ukraine`s State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov has submitted his electronic declaration for 2015, having included such assets as $1.16 million, EUR 450,000 and UAH 4.35 million in cash, while UAH 1.677 million was reported as deposited in a bank account at Boguslav Bank.

His wife, Kateryna Hlymbovska, has UAH 2.884 million deposited in bank accounts (PrivatBank, BTA Bank, Boguslav Bank), while $320,000, EUR 240,000 and UAH 3.1 million were declared as cash.

Government officials` e-declarations are available in the online system of the national declaration registry.

Nasirov reported he owns four plots of land in the city of Chernihiv and Chernihiv region; further, he leases 18 plots of land in Chernihiv region.

Nasirov`s wife owns two plots of land (502 square meters and 450 square meters) in the village of Kozyn, Kyiv region, and a 414.6-square-meter house in Kozyn. What is more, she owns a 157.3-square-meter flat in Kyiv. She is also an owner of parts in three Kyiv-based flats whose total area is 66 square meters, 86 square meters, and 79.1 square meters.

Further, Nasirov and his wife share ownership of a 199.7-square-meter house in the village of Vita Poshtova in Kyiv region and a plot of land (450 square meters) in Kozyn.

Nasirov mentioned an owned Toyota Camry 2008 and a rented Lexus SL 600 2015 in his assets for 2015.

Meanwhile, his wife declared a Land Rover Range Rover 2013 and a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 2014 together with a Harley Davidson FLS TFB 1690 2014.

According to the 2015 e-declaration, the Nasirovs own watches of such famous brands as Rolex, Breguet, Cartier, Chopard, as well as jewelry (De Beers, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Damiani), leather handbags (Hermes), fur coats, paintings, antiques, icons, wine collections, coins, Baccarat crystal sets and silverware, and other valuable items worth more than 100 minimum wages (about UAH 138,000, or $5,400).

The salary of the State Fiscal Service for the whole in 2015 was a mere UAH 36,096, while he declared UAH 4.76 million in salaries in 2014. His revenue from the sale of movable property last year was UAH 800,000, income from the transfer of rights and obligations under a contract on participation in a construction financing fund was UAH 4.415 million. Nasirov`s wife earned UAH 4.064 million in income from the transfer of rights and obligations under a contract on participation in a construction financing fund.

The average salary in Ukraine = 160-180USD/month, in countryside is 80-100USD/month.

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