93 civilians killed in Luhansk in July

Since early July in Luhansk 93 people have been killed, including one child, more than 400 injured. Nearly a hundred of houses, dozens of schools, shops, buildings and enterprises have been destroyed, the press office of Luhansk City Council reported on Tuesday.
“Civilians: victims – 93 people (including children – 1); wounded – 407 people (including children – 4). Destruction: apartment buildings – 97, homes of the private sector – 286, schools – 23, universities 3, colleges – 4, student dormitories – 9, kindergartens – 21, bus stations, pharmacy stores, hospitals – 3, social and cultural facilities – 8, plants (including Bakery Factory No. 3) – 14, warehouses of finished products of private enterprises – 17; stores – 26 (including supermarket – 5), catering facilities- 26,” the report reads.
Also, according to the press office, 80% of the urban markets are closed in Luhansk, there is lack of fuel, critical infrastructure of the city is damaged, including 8 water supply facilities, 14 substations and 12 boilers.
The passenger transport also suffered damage – 11 trolleybuses, 5 trams, 48 taxis, 5 municipal buses, 18 km of electric contact lines, 26 km of transmission lines and 18,000 square meters of roadway are damaged.
A reminder that for today Luhansk is controlled by pro-Russian terrorists from the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic”.
Earlier it was reported that the bandits of the “south-east army” shell residential areas and infrastructure of the city in order to discredit the ATO forces.

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