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4 Ukrainian parties to receive UAH 71 mln from budget: Petro Poroshenko Bloc to get UAH 24 mln, Samomomich – 12 mln

The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) at its Thursday meeting decided to allocate funds from the state budget to four political parties, according to the agency chief Natalia Korchak.

The funds to finance statutory activities will be disbursed to the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, Samopomich, People`s Front, and the Radical Party.

”This is 25% of the total volume of the annual public funding. Thus, BPP will receive UAH 24,771,800, Samopomich – UAH 12,461,650, Popular Front – UAH 25,136,400, RPL -UAH 8,453,925,” reads the report.

In addition, Korchak said that the NACP, in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, cannot provide the funding to the parties Batkivshchyna and the Opposition Bloc.

”Batkivshchyna has not provided the Agency with its position on government funding (NACP has neither an official refusal nor consent to the receipt of funds).

The Opposition Bloc party ”despite its public statement on the refusal of funding, has not provided the Agency with a statement in written form,” said the head of NACP.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in October 2015, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law on financing of parties from the state budget.


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