225 instructors from Canada will help train the Ukrainian military in Great Britain

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said on August 4 that her country will send up to 225 military personnel to Great Britain to train Ukrainian fighters. The first instructors will arrive next week.

Source: Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand

“We have entered a new and very dangerous phase of this conflict, when [Russia] is making sustained attempts to inflict long-term damage on Ukraine and its people. Thatʼs why Iʼm announcing today that weʼre making good on our promise to resume large-scale training,” said Anita Anand.

Since 2015, the Canadian Armed Forces have trained more than 33,000 Ukrainian soldiers, but the training was suspended in February.

The deployment of the Canadian mission will last four months. Most of the soldiers who will go to the United Kingdom are serving in the 3 Battalion Princess Patriciaʼs Light Infantry, which is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

The training will take place at a military base in the south east of England. There, Canadians will teach Ukrainians how to handle weapons, provide first aid and patrol the territory.

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