1,400 Ukrainians have been evacuated for treatment abroad since the beginning of the war

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported on August 8, 2022, that since the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, medical evacuation of the Ukrainian injured for treatment and/or rehabilitation has been provided. As of today, 1,400 Ukrainians have been evacuated for medical treatment abroad.

Source: The Ministry of Health of Ukraine

“In general, thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and the European Commission, with the support of the WHO, the Government of Poland and many international partners, it was possible to evacuate about 1,400 Ukrainians with specialized medical transport from various cities of Ukraine to clinics abroad”, noted the Ministry of Health.

According to the Ministry of Health, 1,000 Ukrainians were transported to 18 countries for treatment.

Also, as part of the SAFER Ukraine program, children with oncological and hematological diseases are taken away for treatment in the USA, Canada and 14 European countries.

“In addition, more than 500 children with cancer continued their treatment in Europe, the USA and Canada thanks to the organization of 15 “medical convoys” from Ukraine to the children’s cancer center UNICORN (Poland). Children are referred for treatment at leading pediatric oncology centers designated by the International Community of Pediatric Oncologists.”

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